This page is devoted to training associated with our many different information
systems.  When we launch a new software tool, we try to provide a method for
you to learn more about it at a time and a place convenient for you.  If it's
important for compliance reasons (things like Safety, SOX, and Wage and Hour
Law), we may ask you to sign in.  
EMAIL:  We use Lotus Notes 8.5, which is available on your desktop, over the
Internet through Dole Webmail, and also on a company-issued Blackberry if you
are so equipped.  Click Here to Learn More About Lotus Notes
EXPENSE REPORTING:  We use Concur for our expense reporting.  You will
submit your expenses and receipts inside this tool, and your reimbursement will
be processed through our Costa Rica Shared Services center.  Your expense
reimbursement can be deposited directly in your bank account if you complete
the following form.  Click here for a short tutorial on Concur Desktop.
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE:  We use Cognos as a business intelligence tool.  
Many of our standalone systems have been merged inside Cognos, which is
also known as a "Data Warehouse."  We have very resourceful people who
have built "Cubes" inside Cognos which will allow you to rapidly source decision
data.  To use Cognos and its links, you have to be connected to the DFV
network, you cannot connect straight from the internet as this would create data
security concerns.
TIME REPORTING:  We use Enterprise Etime, from ADP, as our software for
collecting hours worked, days off, holidays, etc.  If you have employees who
report to you, you will approve their time sheets every two weeks.  If you do not
have direct reports, you will just approve your own timecard.  A quick video on
how to approve your own time card is located here.
Your Starting Point to Learn New Systems!